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312 East Main Street, Palmyra PA

(717) 838-8200

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  • My husband and I went a couple weeks after it opened. We happened to know a lot people there that night. I love the building and love the new bar they added. The place was very clean and the service was very friendly. I love the fact that all the food on the menu is local including the ice cream, which comes from the Milton Hershey Creamery! It's so nice to see a restaurant supporting our local businesses! The menu was small and they were out of a couple things I wanted to try but they are new so I am sure they will work out the kinks. Our food was excellent, but I felt my entree was a little over priced and didn't leave me feeling full. The crab soup is wonderful and so was my dessert. I definitely recommend this place, just keep in mind they are just starting out so they may need a little more time to work out all the kinks. I hope they do well. This would be a great regular spot for locals to go!

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    1. Barico ★★★ Good 3 out of 5

      2013-08-25 12:17:54

      We went on a Saturday night. Early to avoid the rush. Heard great things.
      Got seated upstairs, which is fine, but they never told the server we were up there. She happened to come across us after about 10 minutes. First three things we ordered they were out of. Kind of a let down, after all, the menu isn't huge to begin with.
      My food was really good. My kids enjoyed the meal. My husband didn't like his at all. Not the best cut of meat so he knew that going in, but he doesn't eat seafood and with what he would eat all sold out he didn't have much of a choice. The veggies were extremely salty so he wouldn't eat them.
      The people were very nice and the place was pretty and very clean.
      I didn't realize how new the place was. I usually like to try a new place after they work out the bumps. I will go back again in a month to give it another go. Great potential, hope they do well. Our town needs another good restaurant.

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      1. great place not just a sports bar quality fresh food nice beer selection very good bar tender on monday ill be back

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